Friday, January 7, 2011

Easy Brekky-----Pancake

During the trip in SA, the backpacker hotel offered homemade pancakes for tenants. Though it's not that delicate, I found it fairly tasty and easy to make. Most importantly, it's not oily thus great for brekky.

So I made myself the simplest pancakes for brekky. All I used were a pan of medium size, some pancake powder which can be bought at any supermarket, and some seasonings.

First, pour the powder into a bowl. To make the pancakes edible, mix it with an egg, some salt and pepper, and some water to form a paste.( sometimes tomato cubes and minced shallots can be added as well)

Second, add cooking oil to the pan and turn on the heat.

Third, gently pour the paste into the pan. Make sure it is even and thin(the thinner, the better taste).

Finally, after cooking for a while, turn the pancake upside down and cook the other side until it is of solid state.

Now it can be served. I like to apply butter on pancakes, jams and bacons are nice as well.
With a cup of milk. A fresh and easy brekky for a fresh start!

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